Let’s Elect Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan – Only Desi/South Asian/Asian among 18 Candidates

Voter Alert US Congressional Election – Georgia’s 6th District Areas covered:
All or portions of East Cobb, Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Chamblee, Doraville, Brookhaven, and Tucker.
We Must Support and Help Elect Our Only South-Asian candidate Dr. Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan!
Dear Fellow Desi/South Asian/Asian:
I have decided to leave my comfort zone of Professor and academic administrator, and decided to take a giant step to be the first and only candidate from the South Asian Community to run for US Congress from Georgia 6th Congressional District.  I need to be in Washington to represent our communities in Washington.  It is so important for us and our next generations to have representation from our South Asian Community in Washington.
Recent killings in three different cities are alarming. It is especially important in these times to have a candidate representing us, so that all of America can see who we really are, that we are not foreigners but Americans like everyone else.  We have embraced America as our home and it is time to have one of our own represent us. I can’t do it alone.
The special election for the Goergia’s 6th Distrct is coming up soon. With 18 candiates, this is a non-partisan election. Forget party affiliation. Think about Desi/South Asian/Asian representation in US Congress from Georgia for our safe future. We must do this for us and our children.
As you know, 6th District is 70% Republican and only 30% Democratic. Yes, Trump and Hillary were close at 44 and 45 percents. That is becuase both had very high negative ratings. But, for the rest of the tickets, it was over 65% Republican.
Yes, there is a possibility that with massive amount of money spent, one Democratic candidate may qualify for the run-off. But, it is absolutely certain that the Republican candidate will win the run-off as the Republicans have over 65% advantage.
So, the question then is why should you waste your energy, resources, and vote on others when you can join me now and make sure that you elect a Desi/South Asian/Asian candiadte who will represent you. If I go to run-off, I have sufficent support and will be able to beat the other Republican candidate.
I urge you to think seriously before it is too late. This is a rare opportunity for Desi/South Asian/Asian community to elect one of their own. With all the divisive talk by both parties, we must think about the way we can move forward.
We must let everyone know that we are as American as anybody else. The best way to do that is to have us in the right places. My goal is to help at least 100 candidates from Desi/South Asian/Asian communities to run for offices in November 2018 (does not matter from which party).
Let’s make a history together. Please vote for Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan starting March 27th. My name is the second one at the top of the ballot.
I also need your help with financial resources.  Political campaigns are expensive and I need your help.  Money is important for political campaigns, because we need to buy television commercials and direct mail pieces to talk to voters.  You can contribute to the campaign  here.
This election is an amazing opportunity.  This is a chance for our community to have a voice in Washington. Voter turnout is going to be the key to this special election that will only a small percentage of the voters.  If we work together, and vote, we can win this election. With 18 candidates If we work together we all can win.
Video: Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan Discussing Why He Is Running
Prof. Jagdish Sheth and Mr. Shiv Aggarwal
Speaking about Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan
Advance Voting Starts: March 27, 2017
Election Date:  April 18, 2017
Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan
US Congress from Georigia’s 6th District
To replace Tom Price