Why Dr. Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan

A champion of small business, entrepreneurship, education, and

“Prosperity for All”.

A New kind of candidate who understands and can work with all people.

Government spending, waste, and taxes are out of control. Washington has become a center of power to serve and protect special interest groups and is no longer working for ordinary citizens. We all need get involved, say “NO” to this broken system and send an honest and experienced business/education leader to work for ordinary citizens.

I am running:

To help take back the government from a system that only serves special interest groups and top one half of one percent of the population.

To make the government work for all ordinary citizens.

To help eliminate governmental waste and cut taxes.

To help reduce the debt burden.

To help reduce, if we cannot eliminate, the influence of “special interest groups” and lobbyists.

To invest in education, small business and entrepreneurship to create new jobs and skilled workforce.

I am different because:

  • I do not have any obligation to special interest groups
  • I will accept financial support from individuals.
  • I understand the complex political, cultural, religious, and economic issues around the world. I have two MBAs, a Ph.D. and over 25 years of executive level experience in business, higher education and non-profit sectors with extensive local, national, and international experience. This will help me to take steps that will help spur economic growth and strong defense to ensure our country’s leadership around the world.
  • My extensive national and international networks will be valuable in bringing new businesses to 6th district.
  • I will promote honesty and integrity in the political process.
  • I have been giving back to various communities selflessly.
  • I am able to stand up against injustice and corruption.